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Micky's Laundromat of Howard Beach


Micky's Wash & Fold Service 


Wash - Dry & Fold Service Available


Micky's Laundromat is a Fully Staffed Laundromat.

We Provide Wash and Fold Services for Approximately $.95 per Lb. ($9.00 minimum)

Get your Laundry Done in Minutes!

Simply drop off your dirty Laundry to our attendant and

We will Wash and Professionally Fold your clothes for you.


Why spend all day, all week or all weekend doing laundry? Let us Help!

So How Much Is Your Time Worth?

Do your laundry in 4 minutes: 2 to drop-off and 2 to pick-up!

Same Day Service. Drop off before 10am, pick up after 5pm. 

Too busy to do your own laundry? We’ll do it for you. Experience the comfort of perfectly clean & perfectly folded fluffy clothes done by our trained laundry specialists around the clock. Micky's Laundry will do your laundry for you, so you can spend your time:

  • Watching a Movie
  • Going to Work
  • Playing With Your Kids
  • Having a Night Out
  • Doing Some Shopping
  • Taking Care of Other Important Things
Attention to detail is our priority:
  • We identify washing requirements of each item of clothing
  • We separate them by color, temperature, and degree of agitation
  • We wash every load with a high quality detergent and optional mild bleach and fabric softener
  • We gently dry your clothes to prevent any shrinking

You Can Save Time and Money. Our Wash - Dry & Fold Service Price Includes:

1) All Washer and Dryer machines costs.

2) Detergent, All-Fabric Bleach and Softener.

3) All Labor to sort, wash, dry and fold.

4) All utilities (gas, electricity, water and sewer).

5) Free Time for You and No Stress!


Free Pick-up/Delivery Service of your Wash and Fold

For customers with a very busy schedule we offer the convenience of Free Pick up and Delivery of your Wash and Fold.. 

Micky's Laundry will pick-up, WASH-DRY-FOLD your Laundry and then deliver your clothes and bedding. 


Self-Service Laundry (Coin-Operated):

If you prefer doing your laundry yourself, try out the newest, most modern and definitely the cleanest laundromat in Tri-State area. We have Giant Washers and Giant Dryers.


Micky's Laundromat of Howard Beach 

82-37A 153rd Ave 

Howard Beach, NY 11414


Dirty Clothes Is Our Business